•    ARC PAYS ALL EVENTBRITE FEES.  IT WILL COST MORE TO PAY AT THE GATE IF YOU DON'T PREPAY. Save money by prepaying for parking via EventBrite.  
•    Standard admission is $10 prepaid per vehicle, $15 at the gate.  
•    Premium admission is $20 prepaid per vehicle, $25 at the gate.  
•    Premium Parking is closer to the Team Tent area. Premium Parking will be available for purchase on site subject to availability. Since there are a limited number of Premium Parking spaces available, if you would like to park in Premium Parking, please prepay for your pass to ensure that you get one as they may be sold out by Race Day.
•    We encourage you to purchase all parking in advance. Please bring your parking receipt and exchange it at the Entrance Gate for a colored parking pass (Green for Standard parking, Red for Premium parking).
•    Parking may also be paid for in cash at the Entrance Gate. Please bring $5 or $10 bills.  However, we strongly recommend purchasing your parking pass ahead of time at EventBrite

•    The Booster Team Tent/Equipment Drop-Off standing area is available near the team tent area.
•    Be sure to ask for a rectangular sticky note to indicate that you need access to Booster Drop Off. 
•    The maximum standing time is 5 minutes. 
•    Vehicles using this drop off area must exit Memorial Park and reenter via the main entrance to access the Standard Parking area, or upgrade to Premium Parking for an additional $10.

•    Vehicles carrying coaches do not have to pay for parking.  Rowers may ride with coaches.  If there are any spectators in the vehicle the vehicle will have to pay.  (Rowers alone must pay parking unless they have a car-top boat.)
•    Please come down Pleasant Street to enter Memorial Field

•    Buses should come down Pleasant Street to enter Memorial Field.
•    All Buses must be pre-registered via Regatta Central.
•    Buses may enter Memorial Field to drop off passengers in the designated Bus Drop-Off area.
•    All Buses must exit (via the Entrance Gate).
•    In both the morning and afternoon we will be holding buses in the Drop-Off Area until we have a group of buses ready to go because we need to hold-up incoming traffic for the buses to depart.
•    Buses must park in the parking lot at Pembroke Academy, 209 Academy Rd, Pembroke, NH. 
•    At the end of the day, Buses may not come into the park until their rowers are ready. If rowers are not ready to be picked up, the bus will be sent back out and will have to return later.  

•    Trailers should come down Pleasant Street to enter Memorial Field.
•    All Trailers must be pre-registered for free via Regatta Central: NH Champs.
•    Trailers will not be allowed into Memorial Field until after 3:00 PM on Saturday before the Race. 
•    Memorial Field will be open for Trailers at 6:30 am on Race Day.  
•    Tow vehicles may stay with trailers, if there is sufficient room, but other vehicles are not allowed in the trailer parking areas.  

•    If you are dropping off a rower, be sure to ask for a sticky note to indicate that you need access to Booster Drop Off. You will not be given a parking pass.  
•    Follow the signs to the Premium Parking area but do not enter Premium Parking. You will see a Rower Drop-off area on the right, just past the entrance to Premium Parking. This is a drop-off only area. You may not leave your car for any reason.  

•    Cars with official handicap plates or placards, may park in the Handicap Parking area in the Premium Parking area.  
•    Handicap cars must still prepay for $10 Standard Parking or $15 at the gate.  
•    Handicap cars will be issued a Premium (Red) Parking pass and should drive to the Premium Parking lot and ask to be directed to Handicap Parking.

A map of the regatta site as well as race course is available on our Regatta Central page under Venue. Maps are also included in the regatta pamphlet.